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Switch mode transformers


Nominal output: 100 mVA .. 10 kVA
Primary voltage: 1 V .. 1 kV
Secondary voltage: 1 V .. 1 kV
Current: 10 mA .. 1 kA
Frequency: 20 kHz .. 1 MHz
Dielectric strength: 100 V .. 10 kV

Switch mode transformers have replaced conventional power transformers in many areas. Thanks to their high work frequency, the transformers can be designed much smaller while providing a comparable performance. Transformers with outputs of more than 10 kVA are no problem for Pikatron. Thanks to an optimised winding, trouble-free operation is ensured while maintaining maximum efficiency. Pikatron develops and manufactures all common converter types: Flyback converters, forward converters, push-pull converters and CCFL inverters. Naturally we also offer chokes for step-down converters, step-up converters and power factor correction (PFC).


  • Core shape: Toroids, E, EP, ER, ETD, EFD, P, PM and RM cores
  • Core material: Ferrite, magnet particle materials, magnetic particle materials and amorphous metals
  • Winding material: Wire, litz wires, high-frequency litz wire and film
  • Connections: Wired (THT), surface-mountable (SMD) and free ends
  • Construction type: Open, impregnated, encapsulated, in a flat construction design, as a multi-chamber design and with static screens between the windings


    The uses of Pikatron switch mode transformers range from industrial electronics, traffic and environmental technology, right through to medical technology. It is always used when standard solutions are not good enough for your application requirements.

    Ask our engineers and technicians for the customer-specific solution for your needs!

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