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Magnetic sensors

Example "Anemometer"

Wind speed and wind direction measurement for sport boats
Accuracy: +/- 1°, +/- 1 knots
Measurement range: 1-12 Beaufort

Pikatron is an expert in the field of manufacturing magnetic sensors. We hereby supply either just the primary sensor or the entire sensor system directly including evaluation electronics. Examples in this field are the anemometer for measuring the wind speed, fluxgate compasses for terrestrial magnetic field measurement, conductivity probes for liquids or Foerster probes for eddy current measurement. Naturally, in addition to the 100% exit control, we can also calibrate the sensors according to your needs.


  • Advantages: Contact-free (i.e. encapsulation from surrounding mediums possible), wear-free (no moving parts) and robust
  • Construction type: As a simple coil, sensor assembly group or sensor system including primary and or secondary electronics


    Pikatron supplies all types of magnetic sensors in a wide variety of application fields: This includes emergency control systems for the shipping industry, conductivity measurements in safety technology and wind direction gauges in aviation.

    Ask our engineers and technicians for the customer-specific solution for your needs!

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