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High-voltage transformers


Nominal output: 10 mVA .. 10 kVA   
Primary voltage: 5 V .. 400 V
Secondary voltage: 500 V .. 200 kV
Current: 1 mA .. 160 A (pulse)
Frequency: 50 Hz .. 150 kHz, pulse
Dielectric strength: bis 200 kV (oil)

Compact capacitor voltage transformers are entering the various industrial sectors more and more – as a high-voltage transformer with 50 Hz, as a capacitor voltage transformer up to 150 kHz or as a high-voltage pulse transformer for pulse outputs of up to 15 MW. They for example thus enable imaging techniques in medical technology (e.g. MRT), collision avoidance of ships through radar scanning, filtering of contaminated air in industrial halls or the plasma activation of otherwise not printable plastic surfaces. Pikatron develops and manufactures all common transformer types: CCFL inverters, cascade transformers, pulse transformers.


  • Core form: toroids, E, ETD, C, U, UI and UR cores
  • Core material: Ferrite, magnetic-particle materials, iron-nickel materials and amorphous metals
  • Winding material: Wire, litz wire, high-frequency litz wire and film
  • Connections: Wired (THT), free ends, clamps and insulated feedthroughs
  • Construction type: Open (up to 3 kV), impregnated, encapsulated (up to 11 kV), in oil (up to 200 kV), as a multi-chamber design


      The applications of Pikatron capacitor voltage transformers range from medical technology to traffic and environmental technology, all the way to machine and plant construction.

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