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Coils and chokes


Nominal output: 100 mVA .. 10 kVA
Inductivity: 1 µH .. 5 H
Current: 10 mA .. 1 kA
Frequency: 50 Hz .. 1 MHz
Dielectric strength: 100 V .. 10 kV

Pikatron coils and chokes are employed in a wide variety of applications: In switching power supply, as storage chokes, PFC chokes and filter chokes, for radio interference suppression or as a frequency-determining component in oscillating circuits. A wide variety of materials are employed as core materials – depending on the frequency and output, mixed cores and special construction forms can also be employed. The construction forms range from miniaturised SMD designs to core-free air coils in cylinder and toroid form all the way to chokes for many hundreds of amperes, which are increasingly being employed to charge batteries in the field of electro-mobility.


  • Core shape: RM, E, EK, EC, ETD, EI, M cores, rod cores or pure air chokes without a core
  • Core material: Magnetic particle, ferrite, nickel, iron, silicon and mixed material for non-linear characteristics
  • Winding material: Wire, flat wire, self-bonding wire, litz-wire, film and pipe
  • Connections: Wired (THT), surface-mountable (SMD), free ends, solder plugs, screw connections and clamps
  • Construction type: Open, impregnated, encapsulated, in a flat construction design, water-cooled and in a metal screen housing


      Pikatron coils and chokes are employed in a wide variety of applications: From renewable energies to machine and plant construction all the way to safety technology.

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