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Transmitters and audio transmitters


Transmission ratio: almost any
Harmonic distortion: bis 0,05%
Linearity: bis 0,05 dB
Frequency: 20 Hz .. 10 MHz
Symmetry: bis 60 dB
Dielectric strength: 100 V .. 5 kV

Pikatron transmitters are employed among other things in studio technology, in communications technology, in measuring and control technology and also in aerospace. They are manufactured in all feasible core forms and are known for their excellent transmission properties, low spread and compact size. Pikatron has excellent knowhow in the application of the suitable materials and construction forms for all transmitter types: signal transmitters, audio transmitters and measurement signal transmitters (e.g. current converters).


  • Core shape: Toroids, special cores, E and ED cores from our own production
  • Core material: Ferrite, magnetic-particle materials, iron-nickel materials and amorphous metals
  • Winding material: Wire, litz-wire, high-frequency litz-wire and film
  • Connections: Wired (THT), surface-mountable (SMD) and free ends
  • Construction type: Open, impregnated, encapsulated, multiple-layer special screens for wide frequency ranges


      Pikatron transmitters are employed in studio technology, in communication, measuring and control technology and also in the aerospace industry.

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