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Antennae and RFID

Example "Inductive loading coil"

Work frequency: 100 – 600 kHz

Efficiency: 50 – 70%

Whether its article surveillance, in production for Industry 4.0 for example, for entry controls at the ski lift or in livestock farming: It is now impossible to think of a world without transponder and antenna systems are. Pikatron is an expert in the field of manufacturing passive and active antennae and entire antenna systems. The spectrum ranges from the simple search coil all the way to large article surveillance antennae with a housing and evaluation electronics.


  • Construction shape: Oval, round, square and other free forms, in 2D and in 3D
  • Construction size: From the micro-coil at just a few millimetres up to a warehouse antenna at a few metres
  • Construction type: As a simple coil, antenna and an entire antenna system


    Pikatron supplies antennae and antenna systems in a wide variety of application fields: As an inductive proximity switch in machine and plant construction, as an RFID transmitter in communications technology, as an electronic article surveillance system in department stores and as an inductive loading coil for electro-mobility.

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