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Chokes for cabin pressure regulation, transformers for landing lights, 12-pulse power supply units for 400 Hz on-board power supplies, current converters for defrosters, ignition transformers for anti-collision lights, transformers for flight dynamic control systems, magnetic drives for cockpit instruments, inductive sensors for cabin and charge state monitoring


Solenoid coils for point machines, transmitters for train and platform sonication, power transformers for railway wagon power supply, IGBT drive transformers for train drive systems, EMC filter solutions for train power supply, transformers for 16 2/3 Hz supplies, power and current converters for track switch monitoring


Transponder systems for door closing facilities, highly compact power converters for electro-mobility, inductive position sensors for engine test benches, coils for touch-free power transmission in car parks, converters for Common Rail injection systems, chokes for DC-DC-converters for fuel cell vehicles


Pulse transmitters for radar antennae, control transformers for navigation systems, magnetic field sensors for emergency control systems, inductive logs and Doppler logs for measuring through water, coils for wind speed and direction measurement, rotary signal transmitters for gyro compass systems, EMC solutions for ship power supplies, Scott-T transformers for position signalling of rudder systems and stabilisers, flyback converters for emergency ship lighting


Toroidal transformers for satellite power supply, coils for analysis technology in "space telescopes", transmitters in base stations of the Galileo satellite navigation system, transmitters for the communication technology in control centres, coils for Mars missions